[chuck] Langage syntax

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Oct 5 15:09:27 EDT 2004

> Is there any document available with the Chuck langage syntax 
> (conditions, loops, etc.), reserved words, meanings of => in 
> differents contexts,

You are right on in that we don't have (and desperately need)
a formal language specification that makes all of these things
clear.  It is a very high priority to us.  We are planning to massively
document (in full Java VM Spec-ish style) the syntax/semantics
once objects are done.

> because sometimes I see things in papers or exemples which are not 
> described in the actual documentation.

Yes, much is missing.  Our apologies.  A tool (especially a language)
is no good without good documentation.

> Another great thing would be, describing the libraries, to indicate 
> with the range of parameters to what they correspond (frequency, 
> cents, midi amplitude, dB amplitude, mV amplitude, or whatever else).

Good ideas.  As phil mentioned, we will do a huge update to 
in the coming 2 months.  The online docs really don't contain any of 
this stuff
right now.  We will change that.


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