[chuck] version released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Oct 17 05:53:14 EDT 2004

Dear All,

chuck- is released.  Most of the focus in this is on
improving on-the-fly programming.  You can, for example:

      - start server on host A
            > chuck --loop
            > chuck --loop --port8888
      - add shreds to A from B
            > chuck @A + foo.ck bar.ck
      - perform all the on-the-fly commands remotely
      - have multiple ChucKists share the same VM
        (and therefore same time-space)

also, we now examples that show how synchronize
on-the-fly shreds to time (see otf_*.ck in examples/).


executables for Windows and OS X.3 are up too.

--- - 2004.10.15
   - on-the-fly chuck files to remote hosts!
     > chuck @hostname + foo.ck
     > chuck @hostname -p<N> + foo.ck
   - TCP replacing UDP for commands
   - endian observed (mac <-> win32/linux)
   - more sensible VM output for on-the-fly commands
   - many on-the-fly bug fixes
   - --replace: new shred inherits the replaced shred id
     (useful to keep track of shreds in VM)
   - sndbuf automatically set .rate to 1.0 (instead of 0.0)
     (0.0 => buf.rate if no play on next time advance)
   - new on-the-fly examples

new examples:

   - otf_*.ck - illustrates precise on-the-fly timing
     (adapted from Perry's ChucK drumming + Ge's sine poops)

     chuck them one by one into the VM:

       terminal 1%> chuck --loop
       terminal 2%> chuck + otf_01.ck
       terminal 2%> chuck + otf_02.ck
       (repeat through otf_07.ck)
       (remove, replace and add your own)

(NOTE: since otf_*.ck loads files from relative path data/
the listener VM (local or remote) must be started from a
location that can access the correct files - we hope to
fix this in the future - nonetheless, the otf_*.ck are worth
fiddling with)

HappY ChucKing!

ChucK team

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