[chuck] audio routing

j.c.w. jcwjcw at qwest.net
Tue Oct 26 13:31:17 EDT 2004

greetings all!

first off, thanks for ChucK.  i've been messing around with it for 
about a week and it has proven  itself as a fun and useful tool.  i can 
see myself using it regularly, but i have hit a bit of a wall.  is 
there any way to get chuck to talk to other applications?  i'm using 
chuck mainly on my powerbook (os x), so if i could get it to talk via 
jackd or soundflower, that would be quite cool.  having grown quite 
accustomed to my linux setup and being able to run anything anywhere 
via jack, it feels a bit strange and lonely, this being unable to 
mangle things in other apps.  i do a lot of improvising and would just 
love to run some of the stuff i'm finding in ChucK through my personal 
library of PD patches.

this might be a back burner item (and that's totally cool) but i'm 
hoping that i'm just missing something obvious.  any pointers?

thanks and happy noise making!


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