[chuck] audio routing

j.c.w. jcwjcw at qwest.net
Tue Oct 26 13:51:45 EDT 2004

boy is my face red.  as soon as i sent this, my setup using soundflower 
began to work.  i think this was a case of "user error" (or the new PD 
on os x not playing nice with jack).  terribly sorry to take up the 
bandwidth folks!  carry on...

keep on ChucKin'!


On Oct 26, 2004, at 12:31 PM, j.c.w. wrote:

> greetings all!
> first off, thanks for ChucK.  i've been messing around with it for 
> about a week and it has proven  itself as a fun and useful tool.  i 
> can see myself using it regularly, but i have hit a bit of a wall.  is 
> there any way to get chuck to talk to other applications?  i'm using 
> chuck mainly on my powerbook (os x), so if i could get it to talk via 
> jackd or soundflower, that would be quite cool.  having grown quite 
> accustomed to my linux setup and being able to run anything anywhere 
> via jack, it feels a bit strange and lonely, this being unable to 
> mangle things in other apps.  i do a lot of improvising and would just 
> love to run some of the stuff i'm finding in ChucK through my personal 
> library of PD patches.
> this might be a back burner item (and that's totally cool) but i'm 
> hoping that i'm just missing something obvious.  any pointers?
> thanks and happy noise making!
> j.c.w.
> http://othertime.com
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