[chuck] Bugreport of sorts

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Oct 26 15:23:15 EDT 2004

> A .ck that sporks a couple of infinite loops -- one playing a drumline,
> one playing some sort of melody.  Editing during play, trying to listen
> to the new version. chuck = 1 foo.ck
> yields a full out crash complete with the little Dr. Watson popup 
> telling
> me that it's saving debug info (somewhere).

I believe this is due to a documented bug of removing the parent shred
without removing the children.  We have been aware of this, and a fix
is coming.  Right now, you would have to kill the children shreds along
with the parent (or first remove them with chuck - # # # ...).  The 
shreds appear when you status (chuck ^) as "spork ~ exp".


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