[chuck] ChucK competition results!

Mikael Johansson mikael at johanssons.org
Thu Oct 28 17:47:11 EDT 2004

The ChucK competition just finished. Results as follows:

Best sphere:
spe at stacken.kth.se participated with a "Radio" simulator emulating (sort 
of) morse code telegraphy and rtty communication.

Best interference:
mikael at johanssons.org and mariog at kth.separticipated with a raytracing
rendering in ASCII art a sphere with randomized center and changing
distance from the viewpoint; accompanied by a singularily irritating tune
generated by mod:ing fibonacci numbers by low-ish primes.

foo at stacken.kth.se participated with a tiny program playing a simple tune.

The results page is available in english and swedish on

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