[chuck] version (+ binaries) released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Sep 9 23:08:49 EDT 2004

Dear All,

chuck- is released.  New oscillators, examples, bug fixes,
and bugs.  Visual C++ under windows is now supported
(see http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/doc/build/).  Additionally, we
are releasing executables (osx and win32 for now, linux later),
you can find links to these from the download page.  Let us know
if you run into problems (i.e. if things explode).


Happy ChucKing!

--- - 2004.9.8
   - added win32 visual studio support (chuck_win32.*)
   - new oscillators (see below, thanks to Phil)
   - corrected more issues on some 64-bit systems
   - new examples (see below)
   - chucking to oscillators now able to control phase
     (alternative to doing FM by hand (1::samp at a time),
      see pwm.ck and sixty.ck) (much thanks to Phil)

new ugens:
   triosc - triangle wave
   pulseosc - pulse
   sqrosc - square wave
   sawosc - saw tooth
   phasor - 0 to 1 ramp

new examples:
   sixty.ck - shows osc's
   pwm.ck - basic pulse width modulation
   (you can still do FM "by hand" - see fmsynth.ck)

--- - 2004.9.4
   - improved performance (reduce cpu overhead)
   - fixed bug that caused crash on ctrl-c
   - added sndbuf.play (same as rate)
   - corrected issues on some 64-bit systems
   - sndbuf.ck now works

ThanK you!

The ChucK team

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