[chuck] problem starting audio on linux

Matthew Shanley mshanley at alum.rpi.edu
Mon Sep 13 20:34:38 EDT 2004

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Hi Ge,

Thanks for the response. Changing the sample rate did indeed work for me
using jack, and that's all I need. It didn't solve the problem with
alsa, however, and neither did restarting alsasound. I'm running gentoo
linux using kernel 2.6.8-r3. My system is fine now, but I'm happy to do
anything you need to help figure out the alsa problem.


Ge Wang wrote:
| On Sep 11, 2004, at 9:04 PM, Matthew Shanley wrote:
|> Hi guys,
|> I'm on a fresh linux box, and when I compile chuck for either
|> alsa or jack, it compiles fine but when I go to run it I get:
|> $ ./chuck -l
|> RtApi: no devices found for given stream parameters.
|> [chuck]: cannot initialize audio device (try using --silent/-s)
| I don't think the audio interface code has been updated anytime
| recently.  several things to try:
| 1) try different sample rate:
|     > chuck --srate48000 -l
|     or
|     > chuck --srate44100 -l
| 2) make sure ALSA is running, the best way (I know of) is just to restart:
|     (as root)
|     > /etc/init.d/alsasound restart
|     and make sure the levels are set right
|     > alsamixer
| 3) if the above no work, there could be another incompatibility that we
| should track down.
| What linux are you running?
| Best,
| Ge!
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