[chuck] Some chuck questions.

Jim Bumgardner jim.bumgardner at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 04:25:05 EDT 2004

Hi Ge,

I'm liking ChucK a lot thus far!

These are FAQy kind of questions.   You've probably seen them before.

1. There are a number of instruments described in the docs that I
would like to play
with, but that don't appear to be implemented yet (at least, not in
the windows version).  These include ModalBar, Sitar & StifKarp.

Is there a definitive 'working' instrument list somewhere?  Are the
remainer going to be added any time soon?

3. I'm doing a lot of fancy-schmancy algorithmic score generation
these days (using Python and/or KeyKit).  Arrays are very helpful for
accomplishing this (for scoring lists of phrases,
chords, etc.).  

For example, I've implemented a version of Terry Riley's "In C" in
KeyKit.  I think it would make a nice demo to implement a single
player of "In C" in ChucK (this player could then be run multiple
times as different shreds, to create an ensemble).  However, it's
really helpful to be able to store the 53 seed phrases in arrays.

A search of the examples shows no square brackets.  From this can I
assume there are no arrays?  Are arrays coming?  If not, is there a
paradigmic ChucKish way of accomplishing this?

- Jim Bumgardner

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