[chuck] Some chuck questions.

Philip Davidson philipd at alumni.princeton.edu
Mon Sep 20 18:57:57 EDT 2004

Adam ,

> My name is Adam Tindale and I am chucK user.

Welcome to the group Adam. The first step in recovery is admitting that 
you have a problem

We do have a bug/feature request line on our sourceforge page, ( 
http://chuck.sf.net )
this forum's also good for requests.

> Does anyone have any experience using midi in chucK? No offence Ge, 
> but I would like to see a more comprehensive example involving control 
> change messages and the use of different channels. My midi controller 
> is broken so I can't experiment right now :(

I made some very basic runs at this, but it's about as illuminating as 
parsing out raw midi from ints can be.
MIDI's very minimal now, we'll have richer functionality ( and examples 
) once objects/events are on the scene.

> In response to this, I was hoping that there might be a line object 
> included sometime. Something that could be easily used for break point 
> functions with different interpolation between points as options.

The STK Envelope or ASDR classes are about as far as we go for 
breakpoints.  Those only support
linear interpolation. Envelope is not so pretty to code at the moment,
but with arrays/objects we'll have wider range of options ( more like 
vline of pd or max/msp )

sinosc s => Envelope e => dac
0.10::second => e.time;
1.0 => e.target;
0.10::second => now;
0.5::second => e.time;
0.2 => e.target;
0.5::second=> now;

> I can't wait for synchronous and asynchronous events. I was going to 
> ask about this

> I love distortion and would love to see a simple (or complex) 
> waveshaping distortion object. This may not be necessary once arrays 
> are implemented.

This would be cool.   At the moment, the oscillator classes can be 
driven by audio-rate control value (check out sixty.ck ) .
but that's not quite what you're looking for.  Again, objects/arrays 
would simplify this
In the meantime, you could drive a loop at sample rate and use the 
ugen.last function to DIY

> Also, math. I recently had a problem (a user problem, not a chucK 
> problem) with casting types, blah blah blah. Are C expressions good in 
> chucK? Did I miss that in the documentation?

	(float) intval => ugen.floatfunction;
	(int) floatval => ugen.intfunction;

> I look forward to seeing if this thread goes anywhere.
> happY chucKing
> a
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