[chuck] wish list

Adam Tindale tindale at music.mcgill.ca
Wed Sep 22 16:04:58 EDT 2004

> What the Chuck: a debugging mode where Chuck dumps pretty much
> everything it's doing into a report.  Show all the ugens along with
> their parameters and their waveforms.  Show all the points where I've
> advanced the clock.  Dump it to HTML and PostScript.  I'm a newbie and
> I make lots and lots of mistakes, so my programs produce either
> obstinate silence or hideous screeching.  I like how in sound
> programming if you screw up you can completely shred your ears.

I would like to second this motion. I think this is a great idea.

About the multiple input. I am really into this idea. In the initial 
pictures of chucK it showed Ge with a whole lot of mice! Could you 
explain what you did to get that data into chucK? It was a very cool 
looking setup!

Happy ChucKing


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