[chuck] Long Now Chimes.app

Joe McMahon mcmahon at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Apr 7 16:35:49 EDT 2005

I've mentioned over on the ChucK wiki that I was working on an OS X 
application that used ChucK to ring peals of the Long Now Chimes. I've got 
a simple first-cut version up at http://ibiblio.org/emusic-l/LNC.dmg.gz 
for anyone who's interested. The project was done in AppleScript Studio, 
letting me have Cocoa user-interface widget without having to write the 
support code in C, and the audio is all synthesized in ChucK, to avoid 
having to learn the AudioUnit stuff.

The interface is currently a little rought, but it makes pretty noises, 
and I like it. Hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for Chuck!

(Of course, the program gets much more sophisticated when we've got 
arrays; I could probably port all of the peal generation code direct to 
ChucK at that point. Note that I am *not* rushing anybody - it works 
great now.)

Long term, I'm planning on making it more customizable by being able to 
write ChucK-based plugins to make different sounds, etc., and to have a 
nice way of entering dates other than typing them in.

  --- Joe M.

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