[chuck] hi and newbie problems executing chuck

Paul Maddox (Mail LIsts) paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net
Thu Apr 28 14:26:25 EDT 2005

Hola Jesus, Hi Gary,

> To run chuck.exe, it's easiest to run command.com and use it to execute
> chuck.exe. If you go to the start menu in windows, pick the run  command and
> enter command in the box of the popup window. This will create a DOS window.

With XP you need to do 'CMD' rather than 'Command' :-)

> I didn't bother to
> fiddle with pathing, but rather copied the chuck.exe file into my scripts
> directories.

I did that too :-)

> if you
> execute chuck through the DOS window, you can run several scripts like this:
>   chuck script1.ck script2.ck script3.ck

That¹s the bit I like the best!


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