[chuck] generative program, audio problems when sporking

Matthew Shanley matthewshanley at littlesecretsrecords.com
Thu Apr 28 19:46:54 EDT 2005

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Thanks, Ge - I altered my code around that suggestion and it made things
sound great. If anyone is interested, I updated the code on the wiki:


Ge Wang wrote:
| Hi Matthew,
| Looking through the code, I think ChucK's 'sndbuf' is the source of
| the audio problems.  For now, the sndbuf tries to load the entire file
| into memory - bad!!! - we need to fix this soon.  The file I/O is most
| likely causing havoc, especially if the files are large.  It has been on
| our schedule to allow many readers to the same sndbuf, but this
| requires the new object framework so it isn't done yet.  Also, we will
| add more objects as we are deeper into 1.2, that will allow preloading
| and other file I/O features.
| For now, If possible, sndbuf's should load files at the beginning of chuck
| time.  But this looks difficult since the program might like to allocate
| sndbuf's at each recursive call/spork.  Perhaps it is possible to work
| out some scheme to share a group of global sndbufs?  Meanwhile we
| will continue to find a better solution to this problem.
| Best,
| Ge!

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