[chuck] hi and newbie problems executing chuck

paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net
Fri Apr 29 04:13:07 EDT 2005


> Thanks both. I have it now up and running and have tested with a couple
> of examples, but i guess that i'll have to brush up on my command-line
> skills before delving deeper into it.

There's not much you need.

> I mean, i can't even follow the
> tutorial, as i don't know how to create a new file or save an existing
> one. Do you know of a good resource for this tasks? It doesn't have to
> be necesarily chuck related, but it would help.

best thing to do, I've found, is create a new text file with notepad, and save
it as a .CK file,
Then double click on the file in explorer, and when it says "I dunno what to do
with this, select a program to associate it with", go through the list and pick
notepad :-)

> And... Forgive me for dumb questions.

Not dumb, dumb is relative.


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