[chuck] version released (with manual)

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Dec 13 05:40:50 EST 2005

Dear All,

chuck- (dracula) is now available:

     (may need to reload page to see update)

The ChucK Manual is released!  It is the work of Adam Tindale and 
others - great effort and results!  It contains the entirety of the 
online documentation and additional tutorials from Adam, who will 
continue to coordinate efforts to augment and maintain the manual.  The 
manual can be found as pdf file in the doc/ folder of the distribution 
and also online.  Feedback is welcome as always (email Adam, me, or 
chuck-users).  Also, thanks to those who provided suggestions and 
corrections on the preliminary version.

We have also incorporated the changes from the new RtAudio and RtMidi 
(thanks Gary Scavone), which includes greatly improved 
latency/stability under Windows (thanks to Robin Davies).  Also new: 
band-limited ugens (Blit, BlitSaw, BlitSquare) again thanks to Robin 
Davies, ability to seed rand, bug fixes (we think), and stuff.  See 
below for more details.

Please let us know of any issues, and HappY ChucKing!

chuck team
   - (added) The ChucK Manual (pdf)
             fantastic work by Adam Tindale and other documentors
             see doc/ChucK_manual.pdf
   - (added) Envelope.duration( dur ), Envelope.duration()
   - (added) Envelope.keyOn(), Envelope.keyOff();
   - (added) PitShift.mix( float ), PitShift.mix()
             (originally effectMix)
   - (added) std.srand( int ) : seed random number generator
   - (added) update to RtAudio 3.2.0 -> much lower latency: Window DS
             (thanks to Gary Scavone and Robin Davies)
   - (added) update to RtMidi 1.0.4 -> improved midi: linux ALSA
             (thanks to Gary Scavone and Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
   - (added) bandlimited ugens: Blit, BlitSaw, BlitSquare
             (thanks to Robin Davies for implementation,
              Gary Scavone for putting them in STK)
   - (added) examples/basic/foo.ck foo2.ck tick.ck tick2.ck
             (foo2 shows using Blit, tick.ck is a simple counter)
   - (added) examples/class/dinky.ck try.ck
             (creating and using class to make instruments)
   - (fixed) sndbuf.read now closes file handle and sets curf
   - (fixed) default bufsize=256 under OSX and 512 under all other
   - (fixed) chuck + foof garbled error message
   - (fixed) chuck.lex compatibility under some linux
   - (fixed) waiting on null event: no longer crashes VM
   - (fixed) function arguments: no longer allow reference to primitive 
   - (fixed) function: correctly select overloaded functions w/ implicit 
   - (fixed) std.atoi() std.atof(): no longer crash on null string
   - (fixed) std.fabs(): now works correctly
   - (fixed) basic/moe.ck larry.ck currly.ck use fabs
   - (fixed) missing base class virtual destructors;
             FreeBSD/g++ compatibility (thanks rasmus)
   - (fixed) most -Wall warnings

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