[chuck] miniAudicle version (alpha) released for OSX

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at Princeton.EDU
Sun Dec 25 07:15:58 EST 2005


miniAudicle- (alpha) is now available:
(currently OSX only; windows/linux versions coming soon)


miniAudicle is an integrated development environment designed for  
ChucK.  It features integrated editing, adding, replacing, and  
removal of ChucK code.  It includes an integrated ChucK virtual  
machine and a graphical monitor of the virtual machine and its  
output.  Additionally, basic support for generation of interactive  
graphical controls within ChucK programs is provided.  It can be used  
as a standalone development/runtime/on-the-fly programming  
environment for chuck, or in conjunction with the command line  
'chuck' (via OTF commands).

This is the initial release of miniAudicle.  Expect spectacular  
crashes (as usual), interesting bugs, etc.  Any feedback would be  
greatly appreciated.

Please let us know of any issues, and HappY ChucKing!

merry christmas/happy holidays,
chuck team

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