[chuck] fader, or better yet a 3D spatialization generator

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Feb 18 12:45:43 EST 2005

Hi Michael, Ed, and all!

The fader is already in the works for the new release.
Currently ChucK is mono, for all intents and purposes,
though it would be easy to "turn on" stereo/multichannel,
since the underlying system is already built to support
that.  However, there aren't quite enough language
facilities in 1.1 to support channels flexibly (i.e. ugens
as members of ugens to have a clear notion of inlets
and outlet, which requires the new type systems we
are implementing).

As for HRTF: there is a generalized Filter ugen but
we would need arrays to sensibly create high order
FIR filters suitable for convolving HRIR (head related
impulse response).  Arrays will be avaible in 1.2.

(The above time-domain FIR filtering can be quite
(to very) slow, depending on the length of the impulse
response.  As mentioned earlier, BruteFIR - a FFT-based
convolver may be an eventual and much faster alternative.
One tradeoff is output delay proportional to the buffer size
for the FFT, which for many things is not a problem.)

Also, I will send a brief progress report on chuck-1.2 soon.


On Feb 17, 2005, at 10:09 PM, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky wrote:

> Michael Heuer wrote:
>> A feature request, might it be possible to add a simple fader (l/r
>> channel) to ChucK?  Or what would be really useful would be a 3D
>> spatialization generator, something like
>>> http://www.spinaudio.com/products.php?id=18
>> but I haven't been able to locate an open source implementation yet.
> Is there a well-defined DSP algorithm for this? I know CSound, for 
> example, has code for the "head response transfer function". This 
> computes what you need to put in the left headphone and the right 
> headphone to simulate localization. If that's what you're looking for, 
> I think it's "just a convolution" :). Can Chuck do convolutions?
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