[chuck] Serial or USB access?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 17 01:16:51 EST 2005

Hi Lance,

Welcome to the list!

At the moment, ChucK does not have enough implementation to adequately
do what you ask - we are missing mouse input, as "explained" in this  


The new version coming out (which has been reschreduled for this or next
month) should contain several ways to correctly handle real-time input.

If the headtracker can output MIDI (if you have one of them commercials  
that emulate the mouse, then probably not?), that's one workaround for  
to talk with ChucK.  Ajay Kapur once built a head-tracker using  
as part of his E-Sitar.  He has since ported the project to ChucK,  
perhaps he
has some example code.  Ajay, are you around?

On the subject of ChucK and real-time input devices, it is a  
long-standing goal
to integrate (with earnest design) input with the timing mechanism and
concurrency in ChucK.  Much of it has been worked out in the new  
release, and
we (Perry, Ananya, Ajay, and I) will be giving a workshop on  
programming /
mapping controllers with ChucK at NIME 2005:


We still need to write more code for several parts of it (OSC support,  
for example)
- but support for everything there and more should be released long  
before May.


On Jan 16, 2005, at 10:17 PM, Lance Boyle wrote:

> Hi. First post to this list. Following up on mention of ChucK a few  
> days ago on music-dsp.
> Using ChuckK, how would one access a headtracker or mouse from either  
> a serial port (via Keyspan serial-USB adapter) or USB using OS X?
> Jerry
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