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Gary Williams gwms at corninglink.com
Fri Jan 21 03:02:05 EST 2005

Thanks for the comments, Ge, I've changed the blog description to one
professor (Perry Cook) and students.

I'd be glad to publish anyone's material -- you can send it to me directly
at  gwms at corninglink.com
or post it to the list or on the wiki (I think I've got most of the likely
pages on my watchlist, but you might send me a heads-up note if you'd like
it posted on b-chuck). Anyone who's interested to be co-bloggers, just let
me know and I'll send you a blogger-invite.

I'm currently working on a piece using Mikael  Johansson's scales.ck to
provide a full 5 octave scale-note function -- I've seen Mikael's comment
about using std.mtof(float) to convert MIDI note values to frequencies, but
I haven't learned MIDI yet so I don't know what MIDI notes look like...so I
ll do a simple note to frequency converter using made-up integer note
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On Jan 19, 2005, at 10:06 PM, Gary Williams wrote:
> I know as a programmer and former tech writer that I often learn more
> when I
> try to write about it, so I decided that in learning ChucK I would
> write
> about learning it. So today I started a blog, Beginning ChucK
>     http://b-chuck.blogspot.com/
This is great - we are in dire need of good tutorials and this seems
like a good
start!  I see that you have made several additions since last night and
linked the
blog from the wiki (I was just about to do the latter for you).  Thank
you for taking
the initiative and time to get this effort going.
There are others who have made tutorials on various topics, some of
are linked from the wiki, but there isn't really a central effort
(perhaps until now)
to make and collect tutorials.  We would like to encourage that
everyone who
has made demos/tutorials to post them (and to make news ones), through
Gary's blog and the ChucK wiki (perhaps Gary can coordinate this
Once we get a good set of tutorials, we can include them in the
distribution and
organize them online.
Thanks again Gary and others who are making stuff more lucid and (gasp)
documented.  (!!)
Hmm, there is one (very) small typo on the blog that I should point out
only out of conscience, hah): the page currently says that ChucK is
developed by two professors (and their students) - almost true.  ChucK
the work of -one- professor (that would be Perry) and his students (I
in this second group), some of whom are aspiring to be, but are not yet,
professors.  (But thanks!)
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