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Fri Jan 21 03:24:59 EST 2005

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Gary Williams wrote:
> Thanks for the comments, Ge, I've changed the blog description to one
> professor (Perry Cook) and students.
> I'd be glad to publish anyone's material -- you can send it to me directly
> at  gwms at corninglink.com
> or post it to the list or on the wiki (I think I've got most of the likely
> pages on my watchlist, but you might send me a heads-up note if you'd like
> it posted on b-chuck). Anyone who's interested to be co-bloggers, just let
> me know and I'll send you a blogger-invite.
> I'm currently working on a piece using Mikael  Johansson's scales.ck to
> provide a full 5 octave scale-note function -- I've seen Mikael's comment
> about using std.mtof(float) to convert MIDI note values to frequencies, but
> I haven't learned MIDI yet so I don't know what MIDI notes look like...so I
> ll do a simple note to frequency converter using made-up integer note
> value-reps.


Basically, number 60 is middle C, denoted as C4. The number steps one step 
for each halftone. So you get which of the tones in the scale by 
calculating notenumber%12, and which octave by integer division by 12.

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> On Jan 19, 2005, at 10:06 PM, Gary Williams wrote:
>> I know as a programmer and former tech writer that I often learn more
>> when I
>> try to write about it, so I decided that in learning ChucK I would
>> write
>> about learning it. So today I started a blog, Beginning ChucK
>>     http://b-chuck.blogspot.com/
> This is great - we are in dire need of good tutorials and this seems
> like a good
> start!  I see that you have made several additions since last night and
> linked the
> blog from the wiki (I was just about to do the latter for you).  Thank
> you for taking
> the initiative and time to get this effort going.
> There are others who have made tutorials on various topics, some of
> which
> are linked from the wiki, but there isn't really a central effort
> (perhaps until now)
> to make and collect tutorials.  We would like to encourage that
> everyone who
> has made demos/tutorials to post them (and to make news ones), through
> Gary's blog and the ChucK wiki (perhaps Gary can coordinate this
> somehow).
> Once we get a good set of tutorials, we can include them in the
> distribution and
> organize them online.
> Thanks again Gary and others who are making stuff more lucid and (gasp)
> documented.  (!!)
> Hmm, there is one (very) small typo on the blog that I should point out
> (but
> only out of conscience, hah): the page currently says that ChucK is
> being
> developed by two professors (and their students) - almost true.  ChucK
> is
> the work of -one- professor (that would be Perry) and his students (I
> belong
> in this second group), some of whom are aspiring to be, but are not yet,
> professors.  (But thanks!)
> Best,
> Ge!
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