[chuck] a toast

qbxk qbxk at luckyb.net
Fri Jan 21 20:51:10 EST 2005

i would like to propose an idea that might very well have good reasons 
for not doing.  i'm putting this out here - phishing...

i want perl and chuck to get married.  chuck & perl what a beautiful 
couple.  yeah, perlish things like @arrays &  %hashes i need to throw at 
music. and map, grep, dothis if something, and the bajillion perl 
modules that might create a barrage of audio somehow. 

good idea/bad idea? 

if good how? run script thru perl interpreter which emits chuck code fed 
into chuck?  line by line for speed? i'm not good at this tightly knit 
processor dependency type coding...

what do you think?

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