[chuck] Bus Error - Trying to run ChucK for the first time

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Jan 23 11:39:40 EST 2005

Hi Stuart!

Your bus error may be the result of you being one of the first (ever) to
try ChucK on Jack over OS X (which is very cool).  We didn't know we are
actually supporting this platform - but now is a good time to start.  Of
all the platform we currently support (OSX-CoreAudio, Linux-ALSA/OSS/Jack,
Windows-DirectSound), Jack needs the most work - we have had similar
problems (bus error and instability) with Jack on Linux.  Dave Robillard,
from the Linux Audio Developer List, was good enough to look through our
Jack code for ways to improvements and have found some.  We hope to
integrate the changes soon.  What do you think Dave?

Back to the bus error, we should also make sure that it's not some other
part of ChucK.  Have you tried compiling/running ChucK using CoreAudio?
If not, that would be the next thing to try.


On Sun, 23 Jan 2005, jimmak cataract wrote:

> Hello,
> I am an ultra-newbie trying to run ChucK for the very first time, and am
> experiencing difficulties trying to run any of the demos.
> The source compiled well on OSX 10.3.7, and trying to run ChucK without any
> input yields:
> [chuck]: no input files ...... (try --help)
> which is what the install readme says should happen (?).
> However, when I try to run any examples, for example demo0.ck, I get a bus
> error. The last paragraph in the console output says:
> JAR: DeviceSetProperty inSelf 17915232
> JAR: DeviceSetProperty 'sfmt'
> JAR: Sample Rate:        44100.000000
> JAR: Encoding:           1819304813
> JAR: FormatFlags:        43
> JAR: Bytes per Packet:   4
> JAR: Frames per Packet:  1
> JAR: Bytes per Frame:    4
> JAR: Channels per Frame: 1
> JAR: Bits per Channel:   32
> time=0.0000s
> Bus error
> The jack server is running, and I have the same thing using portaudio as the
> driver (not coreaudio), as well as built in audio, and not my sound card.
> Could someone give me some direction in getting this to work?
> Thanks alot for your time,
> regards,
> Stuart Woolford.
> Australia.
> ChucK
> dual 800MHz Quicksilver G4,
> 768 Mb Ram,
> Interface: Delta Audiophile 24/96
> OSX 10.3.7
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