[chuck] a plea for an exit() verb, and an include mechanism

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Jan 23 12:17:06 EST 2005

Hi Gary!

> As I noted on the features request page on the wiki, I think we need an
> exit() function.

In the (mythical) new releas, there will be.  Since a global exit() 
might be too
severe in most cases, we will also have a shred-based exit().  All 
shreds will
be able to use keyword 'me' to refer to itself.  Calling me.exit() will 
exit that shred.

> Also, and include verb to allow inclusion of function modules and 
> header
> files would be helpful. (Similar to the #include in C...)

We are still finalizing how this is going to be done in v2.  As it 
stands, classes
already loaded into the VM are accessible (unless deemed otherwise)
to subsequent shreds.  We would like to reduce/eliminate the need to do
explicit includes, but we also need a good way to resolve mutual
references (hopefully without a forward reference, like in C/C++).  This
is very important for on-the-fly programming.  We may adopt a modified
version of Java's class loader, which figures out the dependencies
automatically, but requires filename to match the public class in the 
This is perhaps a little too rigid for our purposes, so we may end up 
some hybrid of these.


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