[chuck] Bus Error - Trying to run ChucK for the first time

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Mon Jan 24 03:36:16 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-23-01 at 11:39 -0500, Ge Wang wrote:
> Hi Stuart!
> Your bus error may be the result of you being one of the first (ever) to
> try ChucK on Jack over OS X (which is very cool).  We didn't know we are
> actually supporting this platform - but now is a good time to start.  Of
> all the platform we currently support (OSX-CoreAudio, Linux-ALSA/OSS/Jack,
> Windows-DirectSound), Jack needs the most work - we have had similar
> problems (bus error and instability) with Jack on Linux.  Dave Robillard,
> from the Linux Audio Developer List, was good enough to look through our
> Jack code for ways to improvements and have found some.  We hope to
> integrate the changes soon.  What do you think Dave?

I did run through the code and find some problems with how RTaudio
implements it's Jack support.  I havn't actually _fixed_ these problems
(properly), being very (very) busy with other coding projects at the

I understand what RTaudio does, but not completely how ChucK and RTaudio
talk to each other (which is important to making things correct of
course).  As long as audio processing in ChucK is callback driven (ie
data is "pulled" by the audio system) making it jack-correct will be

If ChucK's audio processing is done in it's own self-driven thread that
runs and "pushes data in" to the audio system... things are going to be
more difficult to do well (ie a bit of redesign will be necessary)

I'll see if I can look at the problem a little more deeply some time
soon.. are there any plans for the next release date, roughly?


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