[chuck] using multiple dac's in one shred?

Gary Williams gwms at corninglink.com
Wed Jan 26 11:46:21 EST 2005

I was thinking about multiple voice chords and I see dac described in the
Programming Guide as 

[ugen] dac
    * digital/analog converter
    * abstraction for underlying audio output device 

so I thought that it could be the target of multiple ugen's in one shred,
and tried it here

It seems to work. So I used it as the basis of an article on http://b-chuck
blogspot.com/.  But I notice that if I use multiple instances of this

  chuck bpmulti2.ck bpmulti2.ck

it generates interference.

Is multiple dac usage legal (and proper)? And does anyone know why multiple
instances generate interference?

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