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No the sounds are all sampled. With DnB tracks i usually work in two parts, 
I'll create new sounds seperately and sample
them to disk and then sequence them appropriately. This was my first 
experiment with the sequencing, so far so good.
All the sounds you hear are actually from another older track and have been 
recycled into this track.
My next experiment will be with generating evil blasts of noise. I want to 
work on a darkstep machine next, i'm not sure
if i'll do this realtime or go to disk with it first. In the past it's been 
easier to get the sound right if i go to disk first, i find
the opposite is true with techno (pure techno like detroit style) is better 
performed in realtime. It's interesting normally
i'd only use something like ChucK or Csound for experimentation but i got so 
involved with it i thought I might start
trying to use it for my more "conventional" projects as well which normally 
I would use a commercial sequencer for.
So far i prefer ChucK, having access to a real programming syntax is alot 
more flexible than sequencing. I figure i'll
start by trying to get some standard DnB sounding patches going which can 
generate a wide variety of sounds, then i'll
tweak those patches when i need new material. The only real prerequisite is 
that they sound dark and evil ;-) After
I have this going, i have plans to merge this project with another project i 
have going, which should be very interesting
in the end.

On 7/1/05, Paul Maddox (Mail LIsts) <paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net> wrote:
> Rich,
> > what is dnb?
> > Sorry for my ignorance...
> Drum and Bass.
> Some great sounds in there, these all ChucK?
> Paul
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