[chuck] Chuck 1.2 - any date yet?

Henning Sprang henning_sprang at gmx.de
Mon Jun 27 20:20:56 EDT 2005

Hi Magnus,

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 20:46 +0200, Magnus Danielson wrote:
> [...]
> It is possible to check out the latest and greatest, even I manage to do that!

Hmm, at which CVS Server are you looking? on the princeton chuck website
I don't find a link to CVS, and the CVS at the Sourceforge project i get
via google search is pretty much completely empty apart from the CVSROOT
dir: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/chuck/

if the CVS is elsewhere, it would nice if the website pointed to it in
the download section.

> Yeah, I've also done a Debian package. Actually, I made a man-page for chuck
> to make the packet complete. ;O)
> By the time for chuck 1.2 it surely would need an update (we do hope!), but it
> was useful as it was.
> A good chuck package would indeed be usefull, docs and all. Maybe we should
> discuss it a little more in detail. I'm not a Debian maintainer but could maybe
> be convinced to make a joint effort on this one.

I am not, too, but I plan to. I already help with the development of FAI
- the Fully Automatic Installation tool for Debian.
I'm interested in getting deeper into that, and have no problem to read
anything that's needed to get there (Mainly New Maintainer Guide,
Policy) and to do the necessary communication with the Debian people. 
In combination with your manpage it wont be a lot of hassle for anybody.
I would also go for an Ubuntu package, as I wanna become Ubuntu MOTU,
too, and already volunteered to get intio the ubuntu professional audio
group, but that shouldn't be a problem anyway if a Debian package
already exists. Hmm, only Ubuntu uses a different standard sound server
- better, Debian has nothing like _the_ standard sound server while
Ubuntu tries to provide one default solution for such things (and the
ubuntu-dektop packages depends on this), and they go for some
esd(-compatible) solution AFAIK. Is chuck esd-compatible? I only
remember alsa and jack output. 

BTW, I actually made two chuck packages - one with the alsa binary and
one with the jack binary, but we'd manage both in one source package.

Would be cool if we could manage the code needed for the *.deb directly
in the chuck CVS.


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