[chuck] Chuck 1.2 - any date yet?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jun 28 00:34:03 EDT 2005

> Maybe you should just remove the announcement for may/2005 on the site,

Good idea.  Done.

For CVS access to the "bleeding edge" (or maybe just "bleeding"):
make sure CVS_RSH=ssh in environment variables

cvs -d :ext:anon-chuck at cvs.cs.princeton.edu:/cvs checkout chuck_dev

when prompted for password, just hit enter.
the source is not in src, but in v2 for now, along with tests.
this comes with even less warranty than usual.  Thanks.

There have been talk of a Debian package for chuck, but I am not
sure where that's at.  We are all for it, though.  If anyone wants to
continue/restart/look into progress of debian packaging, start a
thread to chuck-dev.


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