[chuck] Fractal Melody

Kristjan Varnik kristjan.varnik at akademie-solitude.de
Fri Mar 18 11:27:18 EST 2005


I was thinking about Fractal Melodies as a quick way to generate complex 
complicated audio
structures. I uploaded an example to Wiki program page. Chuck can be 
delighfully quick and
fun to work with. Its a great design!!!!!

I am working on some new compositions now, and plan to assemble a 
collobarative chuck piece.
Stay tooned...

Ge - Whats the scoop on the next version of chuck? I am getting ready 
for a live performance at the end of april,
and was wondering if the new version of chuck would be around by then. 
How old is this version?

Yeahz! Spring has arrived!

Kristjan Varnik

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