[chuck] New guy, and questions

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Tue Mar 22 08:31:06 EST 2005


  Firstly I have to say wow, this looks great, loads of really neat features,
well done!

  I've had a quick play and its pretty easy to pick up, but I have a question.
One thign I want to do is to play with 'VOSIM', basically you have a train of
pulses (bell curves) that make up a cycle of audio. You vary the number of,
amplitude and width of each curve to change the 'tone'.

  Now I can see I can use a sine oscillator, square it and this will give me the
bell curve, only problem here is that I get two 'bell curves' for the price of
one cycle, which brings me neatly onto my next problem..
What I need to do is to change the amplitude and/or pitch of each 'pulse' at the
zero crossing, great I can use Zerox, but, how do I then change the value?

 I had though of feeding the output of Zerox into a 'sequencer' which controls
the pitch and amplitude of the sine oscillator, but I can't see a 'sequencer'
type of module..

 So, There are two questions
firstly, Is there a sequencer module planned?
and secondly, if not, how can I get round this? can I use the output of Zerox to
increase a counter and use an 'if' statement to change the values of the sine
oscillator? will the use of multiple 'if' statements be quick enough?

Sorry for the long winded question.

Paul Maddox

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