[chuck] New guy, and questions

paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net
Wed Mar 23 06:38:33 EST 2005


> So you finally come over here too! ;O)

Damn, you're everywhere!!

> Notice that squaring the sine gives you a DC-shifted sine of double
> frequency.

yes, which is why I say I need to swap the pitch/amplitude at the end of each

> As always in chuck, if it ain't there, you program it!
> Straigh chuck-code will do.

should be interesting to program.. I'm going to start with the simple stuff
first :-)

> I've been pondering over doing a generalized sequencer. However, the feature
> that I lack is the ability to have a number of control-values that I either
> control manually or have control signals fiddeling around with. I want to
> unplugg things and hook things up independently with the execution of that
> sproc. Some work has been going on to investigate that over here, but I don't
> know what has happend in 1.2 in relation to that.

Hard to do, I would've thought. for me though, not so concerned with 're-wiring'
but being able to change values from 'outside' say from a serial port and MIDI.

> The modulars/Synthi-A sense of plugging and unplugging/rerouting signals as
> they go on is powerfull and how one works in real life. On the Synthi-A one
> naturally "plays" by just briefly patch in one of the patch-pins into the
> matrix. Infact, just having that patchability in graphics would be cool, but
> I'd guess the OpenGL interface is doomed to do that work, no?

not a clue, I've not played with graphics, my 'obsession' is with sound desgn.

As a thought, could you not just createa a new 'shred' with the new routing and
kill the old one?


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