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The attributes are fairly subjective. I think there could probably be a
lot more of them, but basically they serve as a way for me to be the
ears for the program and let it know what each sound file is like. When
branches are grown, they are given preferences for attributes and then
grow leaves to play sounds that more closely match those preferences.
The desired effect is that when branches compete for resources and wax
and wane in size all of this is audible since branches should tend to
sound unique. That being said, this program is in the very early stages,
and features like this could stand a lot more testing with a much larger
variety of sound files.

I developed this program as a part of a collaboration, and so the sound
files I was using for this first run were the field recordings made by
the two of us that were actually the main part of the collaboration. The
recordings were concerned mostly with different spaces and ambient
sounds in our daily life. I think of ivyTree as its own entity however,
and am planning to develop it independent of that sort-term project, so
I'm sure I'll begin using a wider variety of sound sources.

Hopefully I should get around to putting a recording of the program up
online soon. Thanks for telling me about the IE problems, someone else
mentioned having problems with part of the site, but never the whole
thing. I'm afraid I have no good answers for you at the moment: w3
identifies the bulk of the site as conforming to standards, so I think
the problem is that IE is "wrong". A not much better response is that I
live very much in a Mac/Linux world, and the people closest to me with
windows tend to have 2k. I know I'm at the fringes and should make my
public image accessible to the majority of people, and if I find the
time and the access i might.

thanks for your interest,


Kristjan Varnik wrote:
| Hello,
| Could you talk more about how the attributes function and why you choose
| specific files for your IvyTree program.
| Thanks,
| Kristjan Varnik
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| firefox works fine.
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