[chuck] Hello

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed May 11 09:34:29 EDT 2005

Hi Andreas + all,

> The first thing i missed whilest doing my first experiments were 
> arrays.  whilest reading thru the archives of this list i saw this is 
> coming soon... is there a new expected release date?  you probably hate 
> that question, but anyway, i thought ill give it a try...;)

Ha, good try!  Since we have missed the release date the last few times, 
the new release date is now "as soon as possible."  The difference between 
development now vs. two months ago is that we are now working full 
time (without paper deadlines and such) and will not stop until the 
release is out (after that we will keep going to add other features).  The 
new release (chuck-1.2) is not done because we are (re)implementing 
the interfaces for the new class library, which will allow objects 
(written in ChucK or C/C++) to be imported into the class tree.  This 
will hopefully be the last "showstopper" component before release.

Two other ChucK-related releases - the Audicle 
(http://audicle.cs.princeton.edu/), which some of you have seen, and 
GLucK (graphics programming in ChucK) are due out later this summer
(a few months after chuck-1.2).  Both are mostly implemented but awaiting 
chuck-1.2 to be completed.

We are sorry things are so delayed.  Thanks for your incredible patience!


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