[chuck] Some Problems

Adam R. Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Wed May 11 12:13:03 EDT 2005

Welcome to ChucK,

>> Please let us know if you run into more problems.
> It is not big trouble but if I try to use more than 4 channels likely:
> BeeThree a => dac;
> BeeThree b => dac;
> BeeThree c => dac;
> BeeThree d => dac;
> BeeThree e => dac;
> then I get very bad sound :-(
> Maybe there are way to solve this?
Try looking in another terminal and running top with your favourite 
flags ( I like -d). You may find that these UGENs are sucking a lot of 
cpu power and that may be the culprit.

Your two solutions to that problem are less fancy patches or a new 
computer... Although I have noticed that when I am experiencing 
dropouts you can writing the patch to disc using rec.ck and the sound 
file that is created does not have the dropouts. Then you can go back 
and add the sound using sndbuf.

Good luck and welcome again.


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