[chuck] Some Problems

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed May 11 12:33:18 EDT 2005

>>> Please let us know if you run into more problems.
>> It is not big trouble but if I try to use more than 4 channels likely:
>> BeeThree a => dac;
>> BeeThree b => dac;
>> BeeThree c => dac;
>> BeeThree d => dac;
>> BeeThree e => dac;
>> then I get very bad sound :-(
>> Maybe there are way to solve this?

As Adam pointed out, the ugen's maybe be using too much resource. 
This is possible but unlikely in this case, since BeeThree's aren't that 
CPU intensive (BeeThree use FM).  Another possibility is that you are 
clipping at the dac because you are summing too many inputs.  In fact, a 
quick experiment clips at 5 BeeThree.  If that is indeed the problem, 
then it's easy to

a) simply change the gain at the dac (not recommended, since dac is 


b) sum the BeeThree channels into a gain, and control the gain at that 
point (recommended):

   // sum into gain
   BeeThree a => gain g => dac;
   BeeThree b => g;
   BeeThree c => g;
   BeeThree d => g;
   BeeThree e => g;

   // change the gain at g
   .2 => g.gain;

   // ...

Hope this helps.


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