[chuck] Some early tests in new ChucK

thor thorthor at altern.org
Tue Oct 18 07:06:12 EDT 2005

Hi Chuck people

Thanks for this latest release of ChucK! It looks promising.
I've been testing it for an hour or so and I am very impresssed.

Here are some tests I did for fun:

// A SuperCollider patch that sends OSC messages to ChucK:
// it uses the OSC_recv.ck program that's in the examples.

n = NetAddr("", 6449); // chuck listens here

t = Task({
             n.sendMsg("/sndbuf/buf/rate", rrand(0.8, 1.2));



here is another test:

Run this in SuperCollider (and cd to your ChucK examples folder):

"cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck otf_01.ck".unixCmd;
"cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck otf_02.ck".unixCmd;
"cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck otf_03.ck".unixCmd;

It all starts as expected. However I'd like to get the PID returned
so I could kill the (chuck) process when I like. Does anybody know
how (or if) one can get the PID returned when you start a process in

At the moment I can go to "top" and kill all chuck processes, but
I cannot be sure if I am killing the base drum or the snare : (

It would be nice to be able to start ChucK programs from SC and
control them through OSC and then stop them (from SC) when one wants.
(I can do all of that now, except for the last bit)

In the examples above (otf_01, otf_02 and otf_03).... is it possible
to start them so they all run in sync?
If I start them all from different terminal windows I get this
error message:

thm:/Applications/ChucK/examples thm$ chuck otf_04.ck
[chuck]: cannot bind to tcp port 8888...

Am I doing something wrong? Should I not be starting up those different
programs in new terminal windows? How could I sync them?

(I should RTFM but I am a bit busy right now)

ChucK rocks!


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