[chuck] Some early tests in new ChucK

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Oct 18 11:30:42 EDT 2005

Hi Thor and all!

> Thanks for this latest release of ChucK! It looks promising.
> I've been testing it for an hour or so and I am very impresssed.

Oh good, I guess that means you haven't hit the really explosive bugs yet...
(and thanks - it is really encouraging as well!)

> Here are some tests I did for fun:

Nice (thanks again)!  Also, I am going to redirect this thread to chuck-users 
after this email for continued coverage.

> Run this in SuperCollider (and cd to your ChucK examples folder):
> "cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck otf_01.ck".unixCmd;
> "cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck otf_02.ck".unixCmd;
> "cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck otf_03.ck".unixCmd;

If you want them synchronized, it would be better to run them in the same 
ChucK virtual machine, adding them one by one on-the-fly.  Try:

> "cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck --loop".unixCmd;
> "cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck + otf_01.ck".unixCmd;
> "cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck + otf_02.ck".unixCmd;
> "cd /Applications/ChucK/examples/; chuck + otf_03.ck".unixCmd;

This will synchronize them (since the otf programs know to synchronize with 
each other).  Some basic command line usage:


> thm:/Applications/ChucK/examples thm$ chuck otf_04.ck
> [chuck]: cannot bind to tcp port 8888...

This happens when two or more chuck VM starts up on the same port.  The above 
change also addresses this.

Thanks again!  "Keep on Chuckin'"


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