[chuck] miniAudicle release

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 7 21:56:03 EDT 2006


miniAudicle- (alpha) is now available.

      (may need to reload)

This release fixes many of the compile-time and run-time errors of  
the last release for Linux and Windows.  Additionally, Linux and  
Windows versions now support most of the command line options chuck  
does, and will open files specified on the command line (see  
miniAudicle --help for more information).  Default virtual machine  
options and editor text size can now be specified in ~/.miniAudicle  
on Linux and the registry in Windows.  miniAudicle OS X features  
improved performance, the ability to change audio interfaces, and  
Universal Binary support (for OS X on both PPC and Intel).

Special thanks to Cédric Krier, Atte André Jensen, Tyler Gillies,  
Scott Davidson, Kassen, and the rest of the miniAudicle users for  
their input and fixes.

Please let us know about any problems, bugs, feature requests, etc.

miniAudicle team

     - (fixed)(Linux,Win32) miniAudicle now compiles correctly with  
Unicode and
       ANSI versions of wxWidgets
     - (fixed)(Linux,Win32) updated key bindings
     - (fixed)(Linux) hanoi.ck example will run a few times before  
     - (fixed)(Linux) makefile.jack actually binds miniAudicle to  
     - (fixed)(Win32) miniAudicle process no longer persists after exit
     - (fixed)(Mac) minimized CPU slowdown when many document windows  
are open
     - (fixed)(Mac) reduced virtual machine monitor CPU usage
     - (added)(all) Replace Shred and Remove Shred commands are now  
       smarter in picking which shred to remove/replace; eg, shreds  
spawned from
       a single document window will be removed in reverse order from  
which they
       were added.
     - (added)(Linux,Win32) ability to change log level at run time  
through menu
     - (added)(Linux,Win32) ability to change log level, dac, adc,  
number of
       audio channels, buffer size, and sample rate through command  
line options
     - (added)(Linux,Win32) probe audio interfaces with command line  
     - (added)(Linux,Win32) help/about text with command line option
     - (added)(Linux,Win32) ability to change log level, dac, adc,  
number of
       audio channels, buffer size, sample rate, document window text  
       and console monitor text size through ~/.miniAudicle on Linux  
or the
       registry on Win32
     - (added)(Mac) OS X 10.4-Intel support, Universal Binary support
     - (added)(Mac) ability to select audio interface and sample rate  
       Preferences dialog

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