[chuck] miniAudicle release

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 14 22:08:06 EDT 2006


miniAudicle- (alpha) is now available.


This release fixes a major bug in miniAudicle-'s audio device  
handling, in which starting or using real-time audio would crash  
miniAudicle on a wide range of systems, especially Intel-based Mac  
and Windows systems.  There are also a few smaller bug fixes.  This  
is a recommended (possibly necessary) upgrade for Intel OS X and  
Windows users who are using

Special thanks to Akihiro Kubota and Scott Davidson for their vital  
debugging help.

As always please let us know about any problems, bugs, feature  
requests, etc., particularly Intel OS X users (some bugs may yet  

miniAudicle team

     - (fixed)(all) fixed nasty bug where real-time audio would fail  
if more
       than one audio device was specified as default and one or more  
of the
       default devices had only input or only output channels
     - (fixed)(Mac) fixed threading issue which caused MAUI LEDs to  
       not light or unlight as directed
     - (changed)(Win32,Linux) changed default font size for document  
window and
       console monitor
     - (changed)(Win32,Linux) disabled network OTF thread
     - (changed)(Win32,Linux) changed syntax highlighting colors
     - (added)(all) console monitor now has limited, user-adjustable  
       buffer size

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