[chuck] audicle source released (linux, osx, win32)

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 16 10:06:36 EDT 2006


audicle- (quintesson) is available:


This is the first release of the audicle source code (what  
horrors...), which will finally enable linux users to crash their  
systems using the Audicle.

Additionally, there is now formal documentation for the Audicle -  
thanks to the great efforts of Scott Elmegreen and Ananya Misra:


Major thanks to the brave folks who have used the Audicle so far and  
those who have contributed to the wiki Audicle documentation effort  
and also suggested improvements.  They include Graham Coleman, Shawn  
Shaknitz, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Gary Scavone, and the wonderful  
people of PLOrk (http://plork.cs.princeton.edu/people.html).

Lastly, please email us or post to [chuck-users] or [audicle] with  
questions, issues, insights, and diatribes.


Thanks!  Happy ChucKing.

audicle team
(Perry, Phil, Ananya, Spencer, Scott, Ge, etc...)

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