[chuck] (dracula) released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 18 21:44:35 EDT 2006

Dear all,

chuck- (dracula) is available:


API deprecations.  In the interest of more consistent naming, we have 
deprecated some object names.  By default, when a deprecated name, such 
as 'sinosc', is encountered, a warning will be issued, such as 
'line(1): deprecated: 'sinosc' --> use: 'SinOsc''.  The behavior should 
be otherwise unchanged.  We've added a --deprecate flag that allows you 
to stop, warn, or ignore upon encountering a deprecated item.  The 
default is 'warn'.

Thanks to all who discussed on chuck-users and forum and contributed to 
the many additions and changes in this release.  They include Kassen, 
Brian, Matt, Jukka, Eduard, Atte, David Powers, Graham Coleman and many 
others.  Also thanks to Ananya for much documentation work.  A summary 
can be found at the end of this message.  Please let us know if you run 
into any issues.

Thanks and Happy ChucKing!

chuck team

   - (api) deprecated --> new classes
        sinosc  -->  SinOsc
        triosc  -->  TriOsc
        sqrosc  -->  SqrOsc
        sawosc  -->  SawOsc
      pulseosc  -->  PulseOsc
        phasor  -->  Phasor
           osc  -->  Osc
         noise  -->  Noise
        cnoise  -->  CNoise
       impulse  -->  Impulse
          step  -->  Step
      halfrect  -->  HalfRect
      fullrect  -->  FullRect
          gain  -->  Gain
         zerox  -->  ZeroX
        delayp  -->  DelayP
        sndbuf  -->  SndBuf
          pan2  -->  Pan2
          mix2  -->  Mix2
       onepole  -->  OnePole
       onezero  -->  OneZero
      polezero  -->  PoleZero
       twopole  -->  TwoPole
       twozero  -->  TwoZero
        biquad  -->  BiQuad
          ****  -->  ****
           std  -->  Std
          math  -->  Math
       machine  -->  Machine
   - (added) --deprecate:X flag
             X can be stop, warn, or ignore - default is warn
   - (added) STK BiQuad get functions pfreq, prad, zfreq, zrad
   - (added) ADSR functions:
             void .set( dur a, dur d, float s, dur r );
             void .set( float a, float d, float s, float r );
   - (added) new UGens (adapted from SC3 Server, Pure Data, CSound)
           LPF : resonant lowpass filter (2nd order butterworth)
           HPF : resonant highpass filter (2nd order butterworth)
           BPF : bandpass filter (2nd order butterworth)
           BRF : bandreject filter (2nd order butterworth)
        ResonZ : resonant filter (BiQuad with equal-gain zeros)
   FilterBasic : base class to above filters
   - (added) new HidIn static variables for HidMsg message and device 
types  (spencer)
   - (added) HidMsg fields to determine device type and number  (spencer)
   - (added) HidMsg functions with capitalization rather than 
underscores  (spencer)
             (underscored functions deprecated)
   - (added) .period for all oscillators
   - (fixed) floating point denormals no longer cause potentially
             massive CPU usage on intel processors, this includes
             BiQuad, OnePole, TwoPole, PoleZero, JCRev, PRCRev, NRev
   - (fixed) STK Echo.max no longer gives incorrect warnings
   - (fixed) linux makefiles now respects CC/CFLAGS/CXX (Cedric Krier)
   - (fixed) SinOsc/TriOsc/PulseOsc/SqrOsc/Phasor.sync now unified:
             .sync == 0 : sync frequency to input
             .sync == 1 : sync phase to input
             .sync == 2 : fm synth
       NOTE: the above changes may break/affect existing patches
             using TriOsc, PulseOsc, or SqrOsc
   - (fixed) TriOsc/PulseOsc/SqrOsc phase consistent with convention
   - (fixed) ADSR now handles keyOff() before sustain state
   - (fixed) ADSR now correctly inherits Envelope

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