[chuck] miniAudicle released

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Mar 22 04:11:30 EDT 2007


miniAudicle- (alpha) is now available.


This release fixes an occasionally fatal bug on Linux and also  
includes general performance updates.  This release is also  
integrated with chuck-, including command line argument  
support within miniAudicle.  Additionally, a Preferences window has  
been added to Windows and Linux versions to easily allow dynamic  
reconfiguration of the virtual machine and editor.  For Linux users,  
miniAudicle now supports wxWidgets-2.8, with the caveat that GTK+  
2.10 is also required (due to a bug in miniAudicle) (compiling  
miniAudicle with wxWidgets-2.6 still works with any GTK+ 2).

Special thanks to Imre Kéri, Atte Andre Jensen, Kassen, and Larry  
Simon for their bug requests, feature reports, and other help with  
this release.

Please let us know about any problems, bugs, feature requests, etc.

miniAudicle team

     - (added)(all) chuck-
     - (added)(all) command line argument support
     - (added)(Windows,Linux) graphical preferences interface
     - (added)(Windows,Linux) limited wxWidgets 2.8 support
     - (added)(Linux) ChucK/miniAudicle logo now associated
       with application windows
     - (added)(Mac) smart indentation (including enable/disable
       Prefs option) (not so smart sometimes)
     - (added)(Mac) buffer size Preferences option
     - (added)(Mac) Text, Gauge UI elements
     - (added)(Mac) enable/disable line numbers Preferences option
     - (fixed)(Linux) crash closing document windows
     - (fixed)(Mac) line numbers now scroll dynamically and
       continue to bottom of document view
     - (fixed)(Mac) VM and console monitors update when mouse is
       held down
     - (fixed)(Mac) improved console monitor performance

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