[chuck] updates and clarifications

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 4 04:39:36 EDT 2008

Greetings all,

There have been some confusion (mostly caused by me) as to the
intended purposes of our mailing lists, occasionally even leading
to folks wondering if the ChucK project is still going.  Here are
some clarifications and updates.

* the ChucK project is going strong, perhaps more so than ever, with 
researchers/developers at Princeton, Stanford, and many other places 
around the world; it's being used as a primary software platform in 
PLOrk/SLOrk, and is being integrated into increasing numbers of 
curriculi.  The "ChucK => MIR programming" workshop at the upcoming
ISMIR already has 40 registrants;  The user base seems to be growing

* As for the mailing lists:

   [chuck] (this list) has long been converted into a place for
     announcing important updates, and high-level discussions.
     it is moderated;  specific questions, answers, discussions
     should be directed elsewhere (see below)

   [chuck-users] is an unmoderated list for specific questions,
     discussions, suggestions, and diatribes - a place where
     folks are encouraged to provide constructive help, and to
     call others (in particular, me) idiots.  Go for it!

   the web forum (http://electro-music.com/forum/forum-140.html)
     is an excellent place/way to get/provide help.

One can access all of the above from:


I hope this helps!  Please feel free to write me, or continue
this discussion on [chuck-users] and/or the forum.  Most messages
to this list likely won't go through.

Thank you and sorry for the confusion!


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