[chuck] (dracula) unleashed

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jul 16 07:42:23 EDT 2008

Dear all,

chuck- (dracula) is available:


This release introduces dynamic auto-growing arrays, various fixes, 
enhancements, and likely new and better bugs/features (see below for a 
full list).  Rebecca and I have added additional UAnae (unit analyzers, 
see http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/uana/) in preparation for an all-new 
upcoming toolkit (following in the footsteps of S.M.E.L.T., see 
http://smelt.cs.princeton.edu/), which Rebecca will announce soon! 
A new miniAudicle is on the way from Spencer, as well as an updated 
audicle version.  As always, let us know if you encounter unexpected 
fishiness (and expected fishiness as well).

Many many thanks to Kassen, Kijjaz, Eduard, folks on the electro-music 
chuck forum, chuck-users, PLOrk, SLOrk, students and staff at CCRMA and 
Princeton, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Carr Wilkerson, and rest of the
chuck community for helping to make this release happen!!

Thanks and Happy ChucKing, UpChucKing!

chuck team

   - (added) dynamic, resizable arrays
               .size( int ) resizes array; .size() returns current size()
               << operator appends new elements into array
               .popBack() pops the last element of the array, reducing
                 size by 1
               .clear() zero's out elements of the array
             (see examples/array/
   - (added) new UAna: FeatureCollector
               turns UAna input into a single feature vector, upon
             new UAna: Flip
               turns audio samples into frames in the UAna domain
             new UAna: pilF
               turns UAna frames into audio samples, via overlap add
             new UAna: AutoCorr
               computes the autocorrelation of UAna input
             new UAna: XCorr
               computes the cross correlation of the first two UAna input
   - (added) UGen.isConnectedTo( Ugen )  // is connected to another ugen?
   - (added) UAna.isUpConnectedTo( UAna )  // is connected to another uana
             via =^?
   - (added) int Shred.done()  // is the shred done?
             int Shred.running()  // is the shred running?
   - (added) int Math.ensurePow2( int )
   - (added) Math.INFINITY, Math.FLOAT_MAX, Math.FLOAT_MIN_MAG,
   - (added) TriOsc.width(), PulseOsc.width(), SawOsc.width(),
   - (added) Std.system(string) is now disabled by default, to enable:
             specify the --caution-to-the-wind command line flag, for
                 %> chuck --caution-to-the-wind --loop
   - (removed) SqrOsc.width( float ), width is always .5
   - (fixed) it's now (again) possible to multiply connect
             two UGen's
   - (fixed) OS X only: sudden-motion-sensor HID no longer
             introduces audio dropouts below peak CPU usage
             due to added centralized polling;
             added static Hid.globalPollRate( dur ) to control
             the central SMS polling's rate
   - (fixed) Windows only: implementation of array via STL
             vector::reserve() has been replaced with a more compatible
             approach (see chuck_oo.cpp)
   - (fixed) dac amplitude no longer halved!
             NOTE: this increases the gain from before by
             a factor of 2, or roughly 6 dB!!  BEWARE!!
   - (fixed) corrected order of shred/ugen dealloc in VM destructor,
             preventing a potential crash during shutdown
   - (fixed) UAna can now upchuck() at now==0
   - (fixed) STK Chorus UGen now has reasonable defaults
             .max( dur, float ) for initializing to delay/depth limits
             .baseDelay( dur ) sets current base delay
   - (fixed) dur +=> now no longer crashes
   - (fixed) ADSR now returns attackTime, decayTime, and releaseTime that
             corresponds to the duration-based setting functions
             (internally multiplied by SR) (thanks Eduard)
   - (fixed) STK Mandolin no longer plays without explicit noteOn
   - (fixed) unsporked Shred instances now given id == 0 (thanks Kassen)
   - (fixed) typos in ugen_xxx.cpp and chuck-specific rtaudio.cpp (/moudi)

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