[chuck] (dracula) unleashed

Martin Ahnelöv operagasten at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 06:49:33 EDT 2008

ons 2008-07-16 klockan 04:42 -0700 skrev Ge Wang:
> Dear all,
> chuck- (dracula) is available:
>      http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/
> This release introduces dynamic auto-growing arrays, various fixes, 
> enhancements, and likely new and better bugs/features (see below for a 
> full list).  Rebecca and I have added additional UAnae (unit analyzers, 
> see http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/uana/) in preparation for an all-new 
> upcoming toolkit (following in the footsteps of S.M.E.L.T., see 
> http://smelt.cs.princeton.edu/), which Rebecca will announce soon! 
> A new miniAudicle is on the way from Spencer, as well as an updated 
> audicle version.  As always, let us know if you encounter unexpected 
> fishiness (and expected fishiness as well).
> Many many thanks to Kassen, Kijjaz, Eduard, folks on the electro-music 
> chuck forum, chuck-users, PLOrk, SLOrk, students and staff at CCRMA and 
> Princeton, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Carr Wilkerson, and rest of the
> chuck community for helping to make this release happen!!
> Thanks and Happy ChucKing, UpChucKing!
> Best,
> chuck team

Great news!

> ---
>    - (added) dynamic, resizable arrays
>                .size( int ) resizes array; .size() returns current size()
>                << operator appends new elements into array

Is this really right? are we doing right-to-left assignment now? 

>                .popBack() pops the last element of the array, reducing
>                  size by 1
>                .clear() zero's out elements of the array
>              (see examples/array/
>                array_dyanmic.ck

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