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Graham Coleman ravelite at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 13:02:10 EDT 2008


> Im new using chuck, since the last version was on 2005 i guess, i was
> wonderring if the project is still alive... im trilled about live
> coding.. then i found chuck and audicle... awesome... im starting to
> learn the language...

Welcome to ChucK! It is still in active use and development, as the
last release was just in July:

The most active list for discussion (probably the best place to ask
questions) is chuck-users, which you can find here:

There are also other lists and a web forum at electro-music (scroll
down) that has a different focus:

> if is someone there, i would like to hear about your experience with
> chuck, how far can we go on creating music with it? well honestly i
> dont understand that much of making music.. im not a musician... just
> a programmer....

Over a year ago I made a tutorial that uses the basic ChucK syntax in
simple musical examples. It is out of date a bit, but it may help:


> btw
> My name is Tesso, im 28 years old, Java Programmer that lives on Brazil.

Bem-vindo a nossa communidade!


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