[chuck] miniAudicle-0.2.0 (gidora) released

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 5 07:51:58 EDT 2009


miniAudicle-0.2.0 (gidora) is now available.


This release integrates the latest version of ChucK.  In addition to  
many new ChucK features, this integration fixes a variety of  
compilation errors and warnings with recent versions of gcc-4.x, and  
also fixes building on Snow Leopard.  More importantly, miniAudicle  
has officially adopted a newer, more colorful codename, "gidora".   
Like Gidora (a.k.a. "King Ghidorah"), miniAudicle is a 3-headed  
monster from outer space, who constantly terrorizes the good people of  
the planet earth and the universe at large.

Special thanks to Fernando Lopez-Lezcano and Kassen for their bug  
requests, feature reports, and other help with this release.

Please let us know about any problems, bugs, feature requests, etc.

miniAudicle team

     - (added)(all) chuck-
     - (added)(Mac) GUI buffer size option
     - (fixed)(Mac) Snow Leopard compilation fix

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