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Joseph Bonneau jbonneau at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 11:50:38 EST 2017

Thanks for reaching out. Looks like an interesting project!

I skimmed over your white paper and there was a lot of detail about the
data structure I couldn't understand. How does each user's data get a
specific location in the tree? How do you prove a user's data is not
included twice? Does some party check the entire tree for consistency?

On Nov 24, 2017 06:15, "Maciej Muszytowski" <m.muszytowski at simplito.com>

Dear CONIKS Team and Fans,

we would like to just introduce ourselves and friendly invite you to
look at some software, because we think it is possible that it may be
interesting for you.

We, Simplito, are software designers, developers and scientists. For
over 18 months, we have been working on PrivMX WebMail, an alternative
mail system, decentralized and end-to-end encrypted by design. As a part
of this software and architecture we have been developing an independent
PKI-class system suitable for our web mail app and other decentralized

In short: we think that PrivMX PKI can be seen as an implementation of
key CONIKS ideas. We do not think that it is a "faithful" implementation
of CONIKS, but it is very similar. That is why we think it may be
interesting for you in some way.
We use Merkle trees too, we compress them and have no empty nodes. Our
leaves are PGP-compatible keystores or our own Privmx-optimized lists of
keys. Each PrivMX server has built-in auditor software and basic
consensus algorithm. We have also user interfaces and protocol for
building webs-of-trust (webs-of-auditors) and verifying mail signatures
in apropriate way.
We have been developing all those things using (intentionally) most
widespread web technologies ie. PHP and JS, but we are going to also use
some more advanced, low-level technology to create more optimized
versions of our server and client software. Golang is one of the
options, and maybe we can think about making our codebases compatible
with each other somewhere in the future? Time will tell.

Anyway, we invite you to look at our software - https://privmx.com
It is easy to install, self-hosted freeware web app with opened source
We would be thankful for your comments, questions.

kind regards,
Maciej Muszytowski


Maciej Muszytowski

privmx: m.muszytowski#simplito.com
www: https://simplito.com
pgp.mit.edu: F0F8 C417 E95A FB8F 4520 FD96 566C 1B76 B0D2 2B1B

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