[iw] thesis and 2-semester presentations

Vivek Pai vivek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 26 08:42:01 EDT 2010

If you're doing a thesis or 2-semester IW, please
read the following:

Presentations start this week. Please mail me a
PDF or PPT (not PPTX) of your slides in advance.

The subject line (regardless of thesis or IW) should be
"2009-2010 Thesis Slides FirstName LastName"
Of course, please put in your own name.

You'll have 12 minutes for the talk, 3 minutes for
questions. Please attend for the entire hour slot.
The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday April 27, room 301

     Yujie song
     Mark Cerqueria
     Steven Ross

Wednesday April 28, room 302

        Chris Rucinski
        Jacob Lewellen
        Ye Cody Wang

        Valentina Shin

Thursday April 29, room 401

        A. J. Sedgewick
        T. J. Fazio
        Christina Ilvento

        Paulo Quiros
        Sajid M
        Adam Ernst

Friday April 30, room 301

        David Yang
        Natasha Indik
        Andrew Weintraub

        Eric Domb
        Jen Chen
        Ellen Kim

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